Are You Not Entertained?! (No, not really.)

So a few months ago I received a couple of emails from someone asking me to do a series of articles about the differences between foreign language films and their english language remakes. Sounds like a great idea, honestly! The problem is that I haven’t SEEN any and haven’t had a chance to. This sort of sums up my recent problems with entertainment in general lately. I don’t have TIME to be entertained these days. Entertainment is something you take in during your free time. I’m not sure I remember what that is.

That’s not to say I’m not watching some television. I stop whatever I’m doing when Steven Universe comes on. Until recently I was an avid viewer of Rick and Morty, but I haven’t had the chance to sit down with my friends to watch in a long while now. I actually got to see three episodes of The Flash the other night instead of sleeping. Loved it! Probably won’t get to see it again for another six months.

Honestly, unless I can take it in while working on a comic, I don’t get to do a lot of media. Night Vale is a favorite, audio books are great, and Far Land or Bust! is perfect because who wants to watch the world shake while Kurt walks? I’ve tried doing real TV shows before. Stargate: SG-1 was a great radio show for me. Babylon 5 as well. The problem is there’s not much compelling on TV for me any more.

So yeah. Maybe I can get back to doing some reviews, but for the time being I’m working and comicing.

Televised Identity Crisis


Let me go on record as saying I don’t watch a lot of television these days. There are a lot of reasons for it, but honestly it boils down to the crap they pass off as entertainment. The little I do watch has revealed an interesting trend. Channels that have forgotten who they are.

MTV’s an easy target. They altered their logo a few years ago to cut the words “Music Television” and I can’t help but feel that sums up what they are now. They aren’t music related any more and so they cut that part of themselves off. They went from music to “Jersey Shore” and “16 and Pregnant”. I’m not going to launch into why these are terrible shows. I’m just going to restrain myself and point out they they aren’t music.

A&E is probably one of the biggest offenders in the “We don’t remember what we are any more” department. When A&E started it was Arts & Entertainment. It played fascinating programming and I would watch it on Sunday mornings quite often. They, and the Discovery Channel, were my two favorites.
Now, I have no idea what the hell A&E is. They’ve got Honey Boo Boo, Storage Wars, Bates Motel, and Duck Dynasty where they used to show educational programming and ballet. I think it’s time they change the name of the channel to S&C. Shit & Crap.

Another big offender of focus shifting is SyFy (pronounce See Fee, I believe). We didn’t get The Sci-Fi Channel in my area until well after it started becoming whatever it is now. They cancelled MST3k shortly after we got Sci-Fi and Farscape soon followed. The channel claims they changed their name so it could be copyrighted. It think they changed it because they knew they were moving to a different market. Sure they throw us a bone every now and again with the likes of Eureeka or Wharehouse 13, but they cancel them and show more wrestling and “SyFy Originals” like “Sharknado”. It’s a load of crap now.

Don’t get me started on Comedy Central. When was the last time they showed something funny? (See what I did there?)

The point I’m getting at here is that all these channels have lost their focus. Somewhere along the way SyFy forgot sci-fi, A&E forgot arts and entertainment, and MTV forgot music. Where will it all end?

The Doctor and the Flames of Fandom.

Ever since Doctor Who returned to the air fans have complained. They wanted it to be like the old show. The problem with that is the old show was cancelled because no one wanted to see the damned thing. It had run out of steam and the public was finally tired of it. The new series was new. It was a fresh take and it got popular. Then people started complaining.

I noticed when Russell T. Davies announced he was leaving and Steven Moffat was taking over everyone rallied around the new writer and started complaining about Davies short comings. “The show’s going to be amazing!” and going by episodes like “Blink” and “Silence in the Library/Forrest of the Dead” we had a lot to look forward to.

The problem is that so much attention was thrust on him that if he stumbled in his new role as show runner Moffat was going to be crucified no matter what, and stumble he has. Several episodes have fallen flat for me, but I’ve really enjoyed this half of the season so far. It’s been fun again with some interesting and silly moments.

But we’re not here to talk about me. We’re here to talk about the general fan reaction. That reaction is what makes me angry. The same people that complained about Russell T. Davies and put Moffat on hisĀ pedestalĀ are screaming for Davies to come back. They want Tennant back but fans always do. Here’s the thing that everyone seems to forget about Doctor Who. It isn’t about any one actor or writing team. It’s about change. The show evolves along with the Doctor so it can survive in what ever television environment it finds itself in and that’s why it’s still on the air. If the fans are complaining, the general television watching public isn’t. The show’s doing quite well.

I guess the lesson here is accept that the only thing that is constant in Doctor Who is change. The glass is all ready broken. Enjoy it while you have it.

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