DHL is the Worst Company in the World

Sometime back in September I went to my Square dashboard and ordered a pack of stickers and a small cardboard table stand to take to conventions to get the point across that I take credit cards. It’s free so I figured why not. The delivery date turns out to be two days after the convention so I figure “Ah well. I’ve got it for next time.”

Cut to a few days later when it ships. The shipping method is DHL. I break out in a cold sweat. I know where this is going. I’ve ordered multiple things and had them shipped via DHL. I have never received those items. Part of it is our local DHL is literally some guy with a van that delivers when he gets around to it. The other problem is that DHL is the most inept company I’ve ever dealt with in my life. We have issues when I worked for GreenTree Properties and I knew I’d have them now.

So the first package started in Texas. It traveled to Jackson, Mississippi which is more or less where I live. It then traveled to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and went out for delivery. Since I don’t LIVE in Truth or Consequences it went back to Texas where it stayed.
I contacted Square about this and they were very apologetic. They shipped me another one right away. This one shipped from Florida, traveled through Jackson again and went straight to the same town in Texas where it promptly vanished from tracking. I contacted square again and this time received no response. That was by the end of October. The package had originally be ordered in mid September. A small envelope of stickers.

After this I decided to try an experiment. SURELY this was somehow because I was an individual. If I ordered one for a business they’d use a real shipping company. So I bop my way up to the gallery since we use Square there, log into the console, and order another package. This shipped via DHL from Florida, passed through Jackson BACK to Florida and was delivered somewhere. I don’t know where, but it was delivered according to tracking. It was at this point I gave up. Again, the end of October.

About a week ago I received a package in the mail that looked like it had been devoured by Satan’s asshole and sure enough, there inside were what was left of my stickers and stand. This was the first package. A week later I received the second package. This one partially damaged but the contents were fine.

This week, near the end of November, I received our package from Square at the gallery. The one that had been delivered. “Well” I thought, “at least this is over”.

Today I received a second package at work with more stickers. I’m now expecting to never stop receiving them.

So yeah. Don’t deal with DHL. I don’t know what the hell’s going on with those guys but they suck. Hard.


Other than the night being all right for fighting, it was an interesting day. I ate at Newk’s in Byram last night and today I felt like I was going to die when i woke up. I stayed in the bathroom. Finally recovered, but felt bad. Had some thoughts about usb cords and spacial relations. Watched “The Two Towers” in an attempt to watch all the LoTR movies before The Hobbit next weekend. As always, Mike and Warren showed up and we ate.

When we can’t figure out where we’re going to eat we tend to default to this one asian restaurant/grocery store called Mr. Chen’s. I’ve eaten a lot of chinese food in my time but Mr. Chen’s is the best. The food’s good, the service is good and sometimes the remember to reorder the ramen noodles we like so we can stock back up. This was not one of those weekends though so we left empty handed. We went to Books-A-Million instead.

While wandering around we found some little beginner¬†Ukulele kits. Comes with said ukulele and some learning materials. This brings me to an odd facet of my personality and psyche. I have this problem with live music. I empathize too much with performers on some level and I start getting a panic attack and have to leave. Sometimes I can turn it off but not often enough to enjoy music on a regular basis. Because of this I don’t go to dances, concerts, clubs, or bars. I can’t sing in front of people most of the time and dancing is right out. All that being said, I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument. Going into music stores is terribly depressing to me. I want to play but I can’t get over the weird crap in my head. Maybe I could get a uke at some point and learn a little. I don’t know. It’s something to think on.

Another thing that has dawned on me over the last few weeks: I’m not a brony. I’ve seen the MLP series. It’s fun. I just don’t give a crap. I think it’s great that it has fans, but the rabid nature of some of the fans disturbs me. I just can’t see what the big deal is. Then again, I find I feel the same way about most fandoms. Why put that much energy into it? Especially shipping. Why build up a head cannon and write all this fan-fic when you could channel that energy into something new and unique that you thought up yourself?

Well, now that I’m done insulting the internet’s major fandoms I’ll close for the night. See you folks tomorrow.