Over the Garden Wall – Final

I completely forgot to share this over here! This is the final version of my fan art.


General Update for the week of 9-5-14

Damn, what a week. First, my girlfriend was down here last weekend so that was wonderful. Unfortunately, that went straight into suck when a tooth I’ve needed removed for a year decided to abscess again. Offices were closed on Monday so I decided to wait to make an appointment. Cue the right side of my face swelling to Elephant Man proportions. I’ll spare you all from photos. I’ve been to the doctor and have antibiotics now. After the swelling goes down I’ll head to the local emergency dental clinic and get the offending tooth removed. I’ve tried regular dentists but they want to do $10,000 worth of work that isn’t remotely related to getting the tooth out.

While all this is going on, I received some sad news. Someone I know through the webcomics community whom I respect and admire lost their mother. That wasn’t bad enough, or course. He lost her on the day he arrived home to surprise her. I can’t imagine what he’s going through. When my mother passed back in ’04 it was the best thing for her. She’d been diagnosed with cancer almost twenty years before hand and we’d all had time to adjust. He knew her health was in decline and this was going to be his last real chance to see her. They say life isn’t fair. What they don’t tell you is that it’s a mother fucker on top of that. 

Comic-wise, I’ve had to take an hiatus. While I can get around and think just fine, I don’t have the energy to be very creative right now thanks to Swelly McSwellerson the Tooth Demon of Jackson. I’ve tried to draw multiple times and it just isn’t working. When I recover I’ll get back on Errant Apprentice and Mailbox Rocketship. I do have another idea though. It’s a short story set in the future. All I’ve had time to do is character designs, but I figured I’d share them here.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this week. Everyone stay safe and try not to get horribly burned to death by dragons or anything.

female_by_kotaotan-d7x71zg male_by_kotaotan-d7x71k3

Life in General

personalbannerSo things have been active lately in a lot of ways. The old man has been to the doctor’s a couple of times for lab work and to the hospital today for a CAT scan. No word yet from any of it. He’s having the same problem he had this time last year where he can’t eat much. Hoping to hear back from that soon. On top of that my health hasn’t been great lately. Running around seeing about my dad has killed my rest and recovery so I’m just sort of existing in this marginally sick condition for now.

On the plus side I’m turning out some great artwork right now and I can’t wait to start sharing some of it. Still not bringing any money in. Well, except for one donation so thank you donor who will remain anonymous! Every little bit helps! Mailbox is again a going concern for now. I hope to have several pages done before the re-launch in January. It’s probably going to be a for money series. Print will be available, but PDF’s will as well. I figure 99 cents isn’t too much to ask, right?

I’m trying to become more active in online communities but it’s a bit of a struggle. I don’t feel it sometimes. I’m there and posting but I don’t feel like part of the community. I’m not sure if it’s me or the places I’m posting, but I’m not giving up just yet. I just need to keep positive.

Speaking of keeping positive, I’ve gotten back into therapy. I’m going once a month and I think the big issue right now for me is trying to stay on top of my thought patterns and trying to remember my self worth. I’ve actually started a depression blog over on tumblr called Depress-o-tronic so I don’t pollute the internet at large with the poison that tends to come out of my head. I also use it to post links to things that explain depression and places that can help if you are depressed.

All that being said, I’ll close for now. More as it happens. Till next time!


Free Comic Book Day Recap

So this week is going to be a lot of posts about Free Comic Book Day and my adventure to the coast for it. Later this week I’ll get a Vlog edited of it, but for now here’s a general run down.

I’ve been going to conventions and FCBD events since around 2008 starting with Megacon in Florida. The FCBD things I’ve been to here in town were never really anything to write home about. Very little money was made, not too many people came through and it we usually cut out early. This was by far the most fun and awesome event I’ve ever been too.

I’ve had mostly the same sketches in my binder since 2010. Occasionally I’d do a new drawing for someone and it would sell right off, but for the most part all my art has just sat there. Well, this weekend I sold all of what I call my “A-Game” pieces and most of my “B-Game” pieces. I actually have to refill my book now! It blew my friggin’ mind! Kit had tons of commissions too!

The best part of the whole thing though was the people. I got to see Jeff, Tiny, and Cami again. Steven Butler was there and we talked video game comics since he works on Sonic the Hedgehog for Archie Comics. We talked a bit about his newer art style. It’s got a very Bruce Timm feeling to it. The guy has so much talent it’s nuts!

Steve Scott was also there completing my collection of comic artists named “Steve”. Steve’s work is also amazing. We joked around a little and we talked about his William Shatner “Rock-it, man!” print. To give you some idea of how awesome this guy is, he gave me a free print of it for my friend Austin when I told him he owned that album. Hell, I even got a hug out of the guy!

Then there’s Andy. Andy and I have been friends for quite some time now and when we get together at events it’s like an old school comedy duo. Lots of jabs and one-liners. Lots of me hitting him with my hat. We have a ball. The only downside is that I talk so much that I’m nearly hoarse by the end of the day! Wouldn’t trade it for the world though!

There’s tons of other people I met and saw like Pedro and Bryan King and Suave Maurice, but I’m running out of steam so I’ll let the vlog speak for itself later this week.

So yeah. I guess what I’m saying is I’ll be going back next year. Possibly sooner just to hang out!
Well, that’s all for now. See ya in a few days!

And where have you been, young man?

So I haven’t really updated here much this week, but I have reasons. First, we’re setting up a new youtube channel that I’ll be contributing to once a week. Second, I haven’t been feeling well. Third, I had a comic to work on yesterday. Lastly, I’ve been doing art to get ready for Free Comic Book Day in May. I know that’s a ways off, but if I don’t at least get started I’ll never get it done.

Then there’s podcasting. I recently got a new mic since I’m actually doing a regular podcast every week with JT Shea and it’s starting to pick up steam. The mic is by Blue and it’s a Snowball. It’s friggin’ awesome. I don’t have to do any special crap with it to get it to pick up like I used to. Before this I was using a usb Rock Band mic and it sounded terrible on most programs. The Snowball on the other hand, well, I have to work at it to make it sound bad.

There is, of course, my usual battle with depression. It’s not something that ever ends. It’s not like you finally beat the thing. It’s something you fight off for a little while until it marshal’s it’s forces and comes at you again. It had me on the ropes there for a bit, but I’m functional again. For the most part.

Other than that, things seem to be going well. My art seems to have improved and my output has increased a bit.

Other Art

I haven’t been working on comics. There were things I needed to do around the house yesterday and then last night I drew stuff completely unrelated to my comics. On the plus side I’m now excited about Free Comic Book Day. I’m working on some stuff to sell when I go to the coast this May. I’m going to try and get some sketch cards and larger pieces done so I have something for the folks to look at. We’ll see how that goes.

The problem I’ve had in the last few years is a complete lack of interest toward my art. Not just the comics, but at events. I make a couple of sales, but nothing to write home about. I seldom even make my gas money back. But this year I’m going to the coast and will see what happens down there. At least I’ll be with friends.

Art IS Therapy

I’ve never understood how someone can call it “art therapy” when art itself is therapy. Nothing cleanses the mind and soul quite like channelling everything into an effort of creation. Sometimes it’s carries the same feeling as your emotions. Sometimes it’s the opposite, but it still clears out the attic.

Yesterday I was in a very bad place. I’d worked on a funny comic, but I still felt terrible. I decided the only other thing to do was to keep working on art. That was the ticket. I still had crap piled up inside my head and that second comic got it all out. It also helped that the comic has Terry being a total bad ass.

Sometimes I forget these things. I do comics for the wrong reasons like money or popularity and I forget the whole reason I started doing them was because a friend tried to kill himself and art was the only thing I could do to keep me sane. 13 years later and I’m relearning that.