A Month Gone

The last month has at times been rough. At other times it’s been rougher. Every now and again I have those rare good days where I can go for 24 hours without thinking about my dad. Most of the time though I miss him. And that’s what I’ve been doing since I disappeared back in November. I’ve been trying to remember my dad. Trying to remember his face and his voice. Trying to remember the times I spent with him.

That’s not all I’ve done though. I’ve been working on comics as I can. I’ve been trying to get a membership site set up for fans of my work so they can subscribe for bonus materials and Christmas presents. Yeah. I said Christmas presents. Can you think of a better way to get people to subscribe?

I’ve also been sort of doing the whole Christmas thing in general. Part of that may be me fighting the sadness off, but if it is it’s a double edged sword. It makes me miss my parents in new and fresh ways. It does make me feel a little more connected though.

I’ve got a couple of movies in the pipe to review so expect some more content in 2015. I’m also planning to get back on some form of schedule for updates so please forgive me my momentary lapses. Life isn’t easy and these last three have been particularly hard. Thanks everyone. I’ll see you all next week.


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