Every year my friend Scott throws a Halloween party and we all dress up in costumes and have a good time. I try my darnedest every year to have something good to wear. This year, not so much.

With my dad’s situation I haven’t given a costume much thought and with the party this Saturday I’ve sort of run out of time to find something. In previous years I’ve gone as Torgo (Manos: The Hands of Fate), Bob Ross (Happy little trees!), Mario (with a friend as Luigi), Indiana Jones (I’d lost weight), Joel Robinson (MST3k with a homemade Tom Servo), the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker), Ford Prefect (TV version), and last year I went as Agent Phil Coulson.

Since I’ve got no time or idea it looks like I’m going as Joel again. This time I won’t have a Servo since he got destroyed by cats, but I’ll try and get a Gizmonic hard hat. I’d really rather do something new, but I’m seriously short on time.

I am taking suggestions for next year though.


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