It’s been no secret to readers of this blog that I’m a Whovian. I’ve been watching the new series religiously since it debuted back in 2005. I was downloading it before there was an official stateside release. Hell, I STILL downloaded it for a long while so I wouldn’t have to get commercials and have scenes cut out. AND I stuck with it for the long haul. I stayed after Eccleston left. I stuck around to see Steve Moffat take over and I’ve made it to Peter Capaldi.

I think this season may be the one where I stop watching for a while.

Let me explain why, because it’s not Capaldi by any means. It’s not Clara or Moffat’s writing.

It’s me. Really.

You see, I’m a fan of the show and I’ve started to feel a bit, well, trapped by it. I end up being clumped in with the general fandom online. That means seeing the arguments about Moffat as a writer and the young girls saying that and old man could NEVER be the Doctor (despite 50 years of history explaining why that’s wrong) and the general stupidity of people as they argue about a magic alien who has a flying blue box.

There’s also the problem of feeling like I HAVE to watch the show and that’s where I am right now. I feel like I’m obligated to watch it because a new on has aired. Frankly, I want my time back. I want to be able to go where I want and do what I want and no silly Doctor is going to tell me I can’t. Ok, yeah, it sounds like I’m rebelling against a parent and in a way I am. I’m running out at night instead of sitting around with family.

So yeah. I’m going to sit the rest of this season out and maybe go back and watch it some other time.

But I might not!



  1. I’m not really feeling it right now either. To be truthful, I haven’t felt it since we lost Donna as a companion. Q was in love with Amy & Rory & 11, but I never did like 11 and the only redeeming things about Amy & Rory for me were that she was ginger & he was a nurse. I don’t really care what the fandom is up to (I don’t really KNOW what the fandom is up to), but I do feel like I’m watching it because “I watch Doctor Who,” and that’s no reason to watch anything.

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