Back to the Hospital

So last Tuesday I was woken up at 6:30 in the morning by my dad. About 30 minutes early but nothing new or unexpected. He’d been having some breathing trouble the previous week and the doctor had put him on a nebulizer and an inhaler. It all seemed to be working well. That morning? Not so much. He couldn’t breath at all hardly. I spent about thirty minutes arguing with him on whether he needed going to the hospital. I say arguing. It was really me pleading and him shaking his head. He always seems to get like that at his sickest. I was sobbing by the end of it and he finally relented. I called the home care nurse.

The spent fifteen minutes trying to reach the nurse on call but couldn’t. I called the ambulance. The loaded him up and gave him three breathing treatments on the way to the ER. When they loaded him up his blood oxygen level was at 62%. Not good. Obviously. I followed them to the local hospital and by the time we got there he was more or less back in his right mind. They did work on him in one of the ER rooms for about two hours.  During a lull in the action he thanked me for getting him to the hospital. I said he should listen to me next time.
“You didn’t hear me complain!”
“Yes I did.”
I proceeded to tell him about the argument and the sobbing and what not. He didn’t remember any of it. I’m not surprised. He was really out of it. He apologized. After the two hours they moved him to ICU where he was for about three days. He’s been in a room since Thursday and hopefully he’ll come home today or tomorrow. He’s doing so much better.

The thing that I find interesting and horrifying about all this is how every time he gets in an impaired mental state he automatically doesn’t want to go to the hospital. This happened back in November when he went in and nearly died. I don’t know why that is and it scares me. The idea that he’d get in such a bad state and then just sort of want to die like that. It makes me worry that the same thing may happen to me eventually. It makes me realize that I don’t want to live alone.

Maybe there will be happier stuff to report next week.


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