Power and Wires

So I’ve been getting into retro gaming a lot lately. Old stuff like NES and SNES games mostly. I’ve got a (more or less) working NES at the house right now with a stack of games that are mostly frustrating since I’ve lost a lot of my muscle memory for them. Still. Simon’s Quest is in the stack so I’m happy. I also recently dug out my PS2 and the games for it and hooked it up to the TV. I also have an SNES on the way this weekend from my girlfriend.

The problem with all this, of course, is where to plug them all in at. I’ve got a power strip under the TV that’s all ready loaded down with cords and I’m rapidly running out of inputs on the TV. Last night I made the dreaded trip to Roses to get a new surge protector and try to expand my outlets by another 6. I was operating under the dim remembrance that there was an unused plug behind my chest of drawers. I get home and after helping my dad for a bit I moved it out of the way and got on all fours to plug the strip in.
Remember when I said “dim remembrance”? Yeah. It wasn’t there.
The only other outlet in my room that’s within reach has a unique problem. The bottom plug is reachable with a bit of contortion and is clear. That’s why there’s all ready a surge protector in it. The top plug. . .
Some how when my dad was building the shelf in the 1960’s he managed to put the shelf next up from the bottom at just the right position to block most top outlets. This wasn’t by design, I’m sure. It was probably some form of precognition on his part knowing that his son might one day hook up time wasting machines.

So last night, with a bad back, I managed to pull a fully loaded book shelf out from the wall just enough to get the new strip plugged in for my growing collection of gaming systems. On the plus side, I did manage to find the missing power cord for my PS2 while I was back there.

Now, anyone have a AV switcher?


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