Blog for 5-5-14

Wow. A lot going on around here lately and not a lot of time to work on Bloggity.

First, big stuff happening with my comics. First, my Patreon campaign is going pretty well, but I can always use more support. The Errant Apprentice is going quite well, and my new/renewed series Mailbox Rocketship launches on May 6th. Pun intended. Also, I’ve started a forum for the comics and just general discussion.

Man! That was a lot of plugs!

I’m also blogging on I’ve been a friend/member of Nightgig for years and we’re starting to get the blog rolling again. There may be some cross posts between here and there since I talk about similar subjects. We’ll see.

That being said, you’ll probably notice the Bloggity site going through some changes. I’ve been marginally obsessed with web stuff lately and I’m trying to find a theme I like. I got tired of the old logo and layout and so now I’m in a state of flux. We’ll see how that goes.

I tried out the MMO Wildstar this weekend during an open beta server stress test. It was fun, but there are some definite bugs that need to be worked out with the social and the controls.

So in personal news, I’ve been going slightly nuts. My dad is at home and is still recovering from a long illness. I understand this, but MAN did he go overboard this weekend. I didn’t get to sleep, I barely ate, and I don’t want to talk about showering. The worst part is that it was stuff he can do himself but decided he was incapable of doing for two days straight. As soon as the weekend was over he was capable of standing to pee and opening pudding cups again. Ugh. My life.


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