High Frame Rate, Low Tolerance

A couple of weeks ago I saw the new Hobbit movie. The theater we went to had gotten an upgrade and had it showing in the high frame rate and 3D. While I enjoyed the movie and will probably share my thoughts on that later, I thought I’d address this new fangled HFR version with 3D added for reasons.

People tell me I don’t like technology and change. On some level they’re right. I do have problems with change, especially when it’s needless. Film to me has a certain look to it. It’s the feeling that it’s been, well, filmed. The high frame rate version changes that feeling drastically. Sure it felt like I was in the environment, but it also made it feel cheap. The CG looked CG but more so. The people where suddenly wearing costumes. The sets where suddenly sets. It’s like taking the filter that allows the suspension of disbelieve and pealing it off and showing us the ugly underneath. It felt like watching a very high budget BBC special shot on video. It doesn’t feel like a movie to me any more.

Let’s talk about the 3D for a minute. I enjoy 3D. . . for a little while. I alway start the movie amazed by what I’m seeing and the depth. The problem is that after about thirty minutes I lose the 3D effect and so does the film maker. Starting out there are scenes where it feels like the objects and characters could pop out of the screen at me. After that though, the director suddenly remember that the film is actually about the story and they start handling it like a regular movie. Good for them and all, but it makes you wonder why you bothered seeing it in 3D to begin with. I know I do.

So there you have it. While I think technological is a good thing, probably, I don’t see the point in advancement for the sake of doing it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


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