Christmas Past

Memories. I always look back at this time of year and and I can see the Christmases that came before. I remember the food, the warmth, the joy my mom always had at this time of year. I remember the gifts, the excitement, the antici. . .pation. And that’s the best part, isn’t it?

Christmas and getting all the gifts are great and all, but it’s really the waiting that’s the best part. Staring at the presents under the tree. Or maybe your family did it like we used to? Maybe there were no presents and then all of a sudden there they were in the morning in the living room. I always remember working myself into a frenzy by bedtime on Christmas Eve waiting for presents and that’s really the best part. The next day you’d have them and they’d become something you owned but for that one night ANYTHING could be waiting for you. Like Schrodinger’s present as it were. Christmas Eve was always better than Christmas day to me.

One of the strangest and best memories I have from this time of year was back in Vicksburg. It was 1984, I think. My folks had helped by a three wheeled bike thing for Mr. Sit who ran a little grocery store and made deliveries. They threw a Christmas party at the house with punch and tons of food and I loved it. I’d never had that much fun in that house. After a while I remember my mom sent me into the living room to watch TV because I was getting really hyper. Being around people did that to me. So there I was watching TV and Automan was on. I was obsessed with robots and Tron and Star Wars and then Christmas being the next day? Man. Best. Christmas. Ever.

So yeah. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a good one.


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