Animation One Night Stands

Anyone who reads this blog regularly probably knows I’m a big fan of animation. I always have been. It started with Droopy and Looney Tunes and continues to this day. When I see a well done piece of animation my heart sings and I want to dance. This has lead me to some strange bedfellows along the way though. Call them animation one night stands if you will.

The first one was in high school and it was John Kricfalusi. I first really became aware of John through Might Mouse: The New Adventures back in ’87 and I knew there was something really different going behind the scenes. Even Ralph Bakshi alone couldn’t account for this. It had that classic 40’s feel. I soon came to realize it was John K. When Ren & Stimpy hit the scene, that was it. I fell in love with the show to the annoyance of everyone around me. I thought the art was amazing and the animation could be fantastic at times. Then, of course, John went to far and got himself and his company fired from the show. I was outraged. I quite watching. The thing I didn’t notice was that the show’s designs solidified. That’s the only word I know that can describe it.
Well, as the years have passed and I’ve become a better artist and more critical I’ve realize that John’s art wasn’t really as amazing as I thought. I look at his work now and realize that I can’t really tell what’s going on in there. It is, in a word, sloppy. It’s all over the place. I never realized just how much influence the other animators had over the series.

Some artists stand the text of time and stick with you as an creator and continue to surprise and inspire you. Some just kind of fall away I guess.


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