Avengers Barbie


Like a lot of people I’m pretty excited about the new Captain America movie. Except for one thing that is. Black Widow. In all the Marvel movies so far everyone (except the Hulk) has a consistent look throughout their films. Tony Stark, Thor, and Captain America are all recognizably the same as the series progress. Black Widow had been in three films and had a completely different hair style each time. I don’t think it’s any form of sabotage, but it does say something about the way the men making these movies see the character.

Black Widow is supposed to be the most dangerous agent SHIELD has. She’ dangerous, she’s intelligent, and she’s capable. Unfortunately, Marvel treats her like a doll, playing dress up and changing her hairstyle every time you see her. In her first appearance her hair was sort of wavy/curly and long. Next we get a short hair cut which I thought worked. You don’t want hair slowing you down or being used against you while you kick someone’s ass. Now her hair’s long again and completely straight. Did she use some product for that? Maybe. The problem is why? Do you see Tony Stark suddenly showing up with anime hair or bald? No.

The worst part is that she seems (from the trailer, at least) to be an accessory. She’s someone Cap has to rescue, someone to make him do things and stuff. She can’t be her own character. She has to be stuck in the role of love interest and eye candy.

Maybe I’m completely wrong and the trailer is painting the wrong image. Maybe I’ll go into Winter Soldier and be happy about what they’ve done with the character. Maybe women won’t be offended by what’s happening. I doubt it though.


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