General News



So it’s been an odd few weeks. The Backwoods Comics Festival was the weekend of the 28th. We had fun but the turn out was a bit lower than we would have liked. We’re working on getting it better next year.

This past weekend I had a flat tire, I spilled Coke Zero on my PC an burned out two of the USB ports, and then yesterday my often neglected portfolio site just sort of vanished.
Now, when I say vanished, I mean the wordpress install and all of my art disappeared off the server. FTP’d in and the database was still there so I couldn’t install a new version of wordpress. I wiped it and got that done. I’ve been trying to do a more visually interesting version of the site but so far it just hasn’t worked. I’ve done some very minor redesigning on it though and I’ll continue to work at it. I’m also going to start uploading more illustrations there.

School put me in this odd mindset that I should focus less on my illustrations and more on my design work. The problem is that I haven’t had any clients to speak of since I graduated two years ago. The best piece of work I did? I can’t post it due to an agreement with the client. So what can I put in my portfolio BUT illustrations. Also, I’m good at it. It’s my strongest artistic muscle and I should probably show it off. So, starting tonight, I’m going to upload some line art and comics pages and try and make my portfolio something to see.

Oh, I’m hooked on Cookie Clicker and I can’t stop playing. Send help.


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