A Post In Which I Piss off The Whole Internet

geekcultureSo apparently it’s the anniversary of the television series Firefly today. Let me start off by saying that I enjoyed Firefly. It was a fun show. I had probably the same reaction as everyone else when I reached the end, which was “That’s it?!” Then I saw Serenity. I was upset about the Wash thing like everyone else. Unlike a lot of people though, I walked out of the theater and got on with my life after a bit.

I hate to make this another “FANDOM BAD!!” post, but there’s something about the fans of Firefly that fascinates me. The show was enjoyable. It was fairly well written and the characters were likable. Like a lot of shows it was given a funky schedule and shown out of sequence so it didn’t really have a chance. For some reason though, this one stuck with people. A culture developed. As I said, I like Firefly. I just don’t really understand the obsession.

It’s not the greatest television series ever made. The movies isn’t Academy Award material. It isn’t like it’s the be all and end all of science fiction even. As a character piece it works very well, but it didn’t have mainstream appeal. Fox tried to get it to take off as a film franchise after the DVD sales but it just didn’t  have legs. People constantly blame Fox for canceling it. Seriously, who else would have given the show a shot?

The worst part about it all is I’ve got the show on DVD and I can’t watch it now. When I do all I see are the Jayne hats, and the folks in brown coats, and the people using the lingo from the show. I can’t even enjoy the series as a separate entity any more.

I think this is why I can’t really enjoy ANYTHING any more. I see things not as the individual thing that they are, but as what the internet has constructed around it and it’s is VERY hard to break through those walls. It’s started killing MST3k for me and frankly it’s difficult to watch Sherlock and Doctor Who now. Thanks to the internet, my joy of entertainment is gone. Thanks.


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