Mysteries of the Unknown


When I was a wee nip in junior high school, I spent a lot of my mornings in the school library. I was painfully awkward and shy and it was easier to just go there and spend time reading. That would be the beginning of my obsession with the paranormal, really. Our school had all the usual sections for library, but we had one that was a bit of a shock. We actually had a section for science fiction and the paranormal. I think I read every book in there over the next three years.

The book that really did it for me though was “The UFO Phenomenon” from Time-Life’s “Mysteries of the Unknown”. I always wanted that set when I was a kid but we couldn’t afford them, but somehow the school had gotten the volume on UFO’s, most likely through a donation or something. I read the hell out of that book and all the other books they had. UFO’s, bigfoot, yeti, any subject that was out of the ordinary I wanted to read about I had it right there in the library.

Over the next twenty years I became something of an expert on the paranormal. I also became a skeptic, but that information is still there in my mind to be pulled up at a moment’s notice. If I don’t remember I usually know enough to track it down online and refresh my memory.

Cut to about two weeks ago when I’m tooling around on Etsy. I wasn’t looking for anything, but I ended up going through the books listed there and there they were. Three books in the Mysteries of the Unknown series. The UFO Phenomenon, Mysteries Places, and Strange Creatures. All three of them and the slip case for $15. I don’t remember crossing the intervening space between my desk and my wallet, but I grabbed it and ordered before I could even think about it.

Yesterday my books arrived. Forgive me if I’m away for a bit. I have some reading to do.


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