Swai, God?! Swai?!



So a few weeks ago I had to start sticking to my diabetic diet. On the down side, I can no longer have potatoes. On the up side, I can have lots of fish. With this planted firmly in my skull I decided to get a crap load of fish and learn to cook it.

I bought stuff I knew I’d like, such as tuna and salmon. I got some mahi mahi and, because it was $3.99 for four fillets, I got some swai. “It’s fish,” I thought, “how bad could it be?”

So I experimented first with the salmon and it turned out pretty well. Pan seared salmon is a delight when it’s seasoned right. Tuna turned out well too. Then I tried the swai.

I put it in the oil and cooked it according to some directions online and with some common sense thrown in. The first thing I noticed is that it never stopped being moist. I mean REALLY moist. It was sodden after drying with a paper towel. We could coat the desert in swai and create friggin’ rivers with it. The second thing I noticed is the taste. It was some bizarre combination of fish and eggs. I was concerned that it had gone bad. I looked it up online and no, that’s just swai. After finishing one fillet I spent about an hour throwing up and the rest of the night feeling like death.

Once my stomach stopped doing back flips I looked up the fish. It turns out swai is the most commonly farmed fish in the world and I assure you, it tastes like it. I found people saying they’d eat it themselves but they’d never serve it to guests. I didn’t realize so many people hated themselves.



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