Moleskins and Journals and Blogs



So I’ve got this thing for journals. I suppose it’s a hobby, but it’s more like an obsession. I always wanted a diary when I was a kid but I was terrible about writing in them. On some level I still am but that doesn’t stop me. I love the idea of a blank book that you fill with your own ideas and thoughts.
My prized journal is a lovely brown leather number with a metal owl’s face embedded in the front. It was a gift from Kit and it’s beautiful. I also have one with fleur de lis imprinted in blue leather. That one saw a lot of use. I wrote in it for about four years on and off. The problem with it is how toxic it is. So much angst and depression and hate. It’s also from a time when a friend tried to kill himself. It’s always painful to read.
Another toxic one is a hard back, red, Five Star note book I used while a manager at Rose’s. It’s full of the scribblings of a man slowly going mad from stress and loneliness. It also has some photos taped into it that I found in a desk in a disused security office.
Another journal I’ve recently started using is also from Kit. It’s a Tardis diary like the one River and the Doctor used. I use it for note taking for graphic design and gaming.

While the journals are for thoughts (mostly) I tend to write down webcomic and graphic design stuff in a series of moleskins. My first one was unlined and has the early drafts of some Errant Apprentice stories in it. The ink is from a gel pen and tends to smudge. Also, the lack of lines makes my handwriting look like that of a five year old.
My main moleskin is what I call my “Mac Book” because of the Apple sticker on the cover. It’s lined and I’ve started using IT for my comic notes. It has some Mailbox stuff and I’m going to fill the rest of it with EA notes. It has a few notes for some school projects but I started using it for EA around issue 14. Working on 19 in there now.
I also have a large unlined book I use for group projects. I used it for some school stuff and notes for our short films. I haven’t had much call to pull that one out lately.

Blogs are the one “collection” I’m trying to cut down on. I have this one of course but every now and then I remember my old Livejournal and post something in there. I’ve had a blogger site, a dreamwidth site, and the comic has a blog on it. Now though, I try to keep everything centered here. Personal posts and op/eds. I’ll post updates about my career on the portfolio site, but there hasn’t been much to share on that front lately.

I guess what I’m saying here is that if there’s one thing that I can’t stand, it’s a blank page.



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