Products and Productivity



Me and products based on my comics do not have a good history. I’m made countless t-shirts and prints, and products and for the most part they’ve sat there in whatever store front site I’ve used and not made any money. I pretty much gave up on marketing after a while. How many times does a guy need to be kicked down?

Well, it’s time to try again. I’ve got some ideas for stuff to sell and I hope they’ll do well. First, of course, is “The Big Book of the Errant Apprentice”. It’ll have the first six issues and probably the most extensive explanation of the back story of the series I’ve ever done. World history, character descriptions, and other things and all from Elton’s point of view.

The other idea is from some friends. A large poster of the United States with the domains of different types of monsters marked out by different colors. One of the things I’ve never really explained is that different magical type monsters live in different areas. There’s some overlap, but dragons don’t live in the northwest and Bigfoot doesn’t live in the southeast. I think a map showing those locations would be fun.

Lastly, I have a print in mind. It got done for someone that never claimed it and I’ll try making some posters of that at some point in the future. The only problem is that it’s some funky dimensions. I’ll see how that works.

So yeah. Lots on my plate coming up. More on that later.


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