Mood and Motivation



So one of the biggest problems with being an artist/writer is dealing with how mood effects your creativity. A good mood can have you cranking content out like a machine while a bad mood can shut you down for days on end.

I think one of the biggest problems for me is the mental image I have of the tortured artist. You know, the one that takes the pain and depression and misery in his life and uses it to create the Great American Novel or the most famous art in the world. It’s a stereotype that’s been built up by our culture over the years and even artists buy into it. I do. The problem is it’s bull. Well, it’s bull for me.

Imagine for a minute that creativity and energy are sunlight shining through a beautiful sky. You are there absorbing the beauty and warmth of the sun, bringing you life and joy and inspiration. Depression is like the biggest thunderhead in the world coming between you and that light. You don’t have any inspiration. You don’t have the energy or motivation to try to fight through that cloud to reach the sun. You just sort of shut down until the cloud moves by and the sun comes back out.

That’s sort of where I am right now. I spent an hour last night staring at a blank .sai file last night and couldn’t make art happen to save my life. I eventually closed and decided that today I’d give it another shot. Maybe there’ll be a break in the clouds for me. . .


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