Specific Rim




This weekend saw the release of what may well be this generations Fifth Element. Pacific Rim is another one of those movies that actually feels like an a comic or a cartoon. Specifically anime. The science and physics are terrible, but if you set it aside and think of it as a live action anime it works. I’ll try and not post spoilers, but be warned that there may be some.

Going into the film I was expecting spectacle and flash with a tacked on human interest angle that I wouldn’t care about. Spectacle I got, along with an interesting group of characters that I actually got interested in. Admittedly, those characters were painted in broad strokes but when you have that much happening in a movie you don’t have time to paint all the details. I can also say that I saw a lot of the character arcs from a mile and a half off. Marshal’s back story and fate were telegraphed pretty far off. The father/son relationship of the two aussies was fairly typical. In fact, if I had a problem with the movie it was the sheer level of predictability from the characters. Also, I thought the father/son thing I mentioned before should have been more toward the center and possibly transferred to the main character.
The two scientists were my favorites though. They had a very interesting dynamic and a fun relationship with each other and they were in it just enough. Any more and it would have been a Jar Jar Binks sort of situation.

The fights made it especially worth it I thought. Let’s face it. There aren’t enough movies about giant robots beating the crap out of things. I, for one, am more than happy to have something American in the genre that isn’t Robot Jocks. It makes me want a Robotech movie all the more really. Unfortunately, the climactic underwater fight at the end of the movie is probably the weakest in the film and after the build up I really was hoping for something more. Something where they would pull out some kind of mega-weapon powered by Tex-Mexium or something.

Despite these complaints, the movie was a fun ride. It still managed to have heart and tell and human story in the middle of giant monster fights and left me feeling ok about having seen it. I’d say, if you liked Fifth Element, you’ll probably like this.

As a final thought, my favorite monster was the crab guy during the flashback. Why? Because he’s for the seafood lover in you.


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