Me and My Stinkin’ Health


So I haven’t felt well lately and some people I know would yell “DUH!” right about now. I never seem to feel completely well, but as I get older my periods of feeling good get shorter. I realize this goes without saying but it’s only been fairly recently that I’ve started to worry about it.

This last week has been kinda bad. I got very sick Tuesday and had to go to the local walk in clinic in Byram. They didn’t run a lot of tests since I don’t have insurance and I’m not made of money, but from what they could tell I have acid reflux. I’ve been taking Prilosec and it’s been helping.

The thing that really has me worried is my heart. Heart disease runs in both sides of the family as far as I know and let’s face it. I’m not in top form. I get worried that I’m going to have a series of elaborate heart attacks. The worst part is not being able to afford any kind of real health care for it. If I were in another country like Canada or France I’d be ok. As it is, I’ll probably drop dead due to corporate greed and interest fueled political fighting. Thanks ‘Murika.

My teeth are another matter. I’ve recently taken steps to try to either save or correct some of my dental problems. The problem there isn’t money or time since I now have dental insurance. The problem there is fear. I have an intense fear of the dentist and I always have. There’s something completely sinister about laying back and having a man grin down at you with a drill in his hand. I think dentists are source of repressed alien abduction stories. Can they help my mouth? Sure. But until recently I’ve honestly just preferred to lose them all instead of subjecting myself to Dr. Giggles.

How about you, dear reader? How do you feel about health care and dentistry?


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