Be Cool About It.

It’s funny how popularity happens when you’re not looking. It always seems to happen that way. I stop caring and something will take off. I recently put an image macro up on 9Gag (I’m sorry) of a man in a Batman cowl and a pink princess dress and a tiara with the words “SWEAR TO ME” above him. I shared in on Facebook because I thought it was funny. I paid no attention to 9Gag for the next week and I found out that it made the hot page with something like 14,000 likes. News to me.

A similar thing happened with Errant Apprentice. I’d been sharing it for a while with no real increase in page views or readers. It kept getting down voted. Well, I stopped. Two weeks ago I got bored and just hit the share button for no good reason and ignored the page until that night. I’d had double my normal traffic and three times the page views. I checked reddit and it’d had several up votes. No reason for anything over there to have changed. It just did when I stopped worrying about it.

I think the universe is trying to tell me something. Be cool about it.


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