Weekend Roundup

So Friday we had the whole Boston thing happened and I couldn’t concentrate on anything that day. I was getting most of my news from Reddit and in many cases I was an hour ahead of most news services/channels. In CNN’s case by the time they we’re trying to get him out of the boat they had just reported he was IN the boat. Really has me rethinking the way news is spread considering all the facts that were left out of the official media. Something’s rotten in Denmark.

Kit showed up that night and the next day we ate at Spice Avenue which is a fantastic Indian place here in town. After that we went to Scott’s and played Artemis all night. Things were chaotic until we split into two teams with separate ships. Paul was my Captain and called everyone “Mr. Merriweather”. We out lasted the other ship after they turned on us. We nuked the hell out of ’em!

Sunday was quiet. Kit and I went for a walk in a park in Byram and then I watched her play Ni No Kuni, which she is now addicted to. Closed out the night watching “How It’s Made”.

This morning, Kit left for home and I came up here. That’s about the long and the short of it.


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