Crappy Birthday to You!

Ok, not really crappy exactly, but I’ve had better starts to them. Let’s go over last night.

I found a webcomic I’d never heard of before that someone suggested to me. I won’t name it since you shouldn’t head to the site. My PC started acting really damned weird after going there so I shut down Chrome and ran a virus scan. After about ten minutes the screen went white and a screen comes up claiming the FBI had found kiddie porno (their words) on my PC. I needed to go to my local Rite Aid and buy a $300 money pak card to get my PC unlocked. I didn’t buy it. That’s not how the government works and I don’t have kiddie porno ANYWHERE. I look it up online via the macbook and sure enough it’s a virus. I ran various removal tools that didn’t work and ended up using a system restore point from three days ago and the problem was solved. Biggest problem? Eight hours of my day down the tubes.

This morning. Decided I needed some caffeine so I stopped at the Exxon on Terry Road to get a drink on the way in today. Well, I opened it on the way to the car and the Coke Zero was expired. By two months. I go back in, explain the situation and ask for an exchange. No dice. I ask for my money back. No dice. “All sales are final” the Indian fellow behind the counter says. I point out that no where in the store is a sign stating that. I go check the other coke products and they’re also expired. All of them. It’s at this point that he grabs a broom and starts demanding that I get out of his store. I left. I tried to throw the drink in his trash and he started beating on the window yelling something. I had to through the drink away when I got here. So the moral here is don’t stop at the gas stations on Terry Road. Stop at Kroger or something.

So yeah. Happy Birthday to me.


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