I Want To Believe. . .

I’ve been interested in the paranormal for as long as I remember, but the bug really bit me when I was in junior high. I saw two UFOs within a one year period and I started researching EVERYTHING about UFO’s and the unexplained. I became a bit of a walking encyclopedia on the subject. “Sightings” on Fox was one of my favorite shows and “The X-Files” coming on afterward was just icing on the cake. I remember watching a life UFO special hosted by Bill Bixby when I was young and the idea of alien abduction terrified me. I even had nightmares.
I was a believer and nothing could change it.
Then something changed. . .

I still couldn’t tell you exactly when or how it happened, but my view on the paranormal changed. I turned into a skeptic. That’s not to say that I don’t believe some strange crap is happening out there in the world. It just means I need some proof if I’m going to believe you. You see, the problem with being a believer in UFO’s, bigfoot (not the truck), or anything like that is that you’ll deny any argument against it. You become a fanatic and you stop looking at evidence unless it supports your claim. Unlike Mulder, I want to believe and that’s why I need proof.

The reason I’ve been rambling about this is there’s only one book I’ve found in my long years of research that tackles the subject of the paranormal with a scientific eye. It’s called Unexplained! by Jerome Clark and it’s in it’s third edition. Mr. Clark handles the subject matter with respect, but without buying into every single mystery that comes along. It argues against shows like “Ancient Aliens” and Monster Hunters. It is the intelligent argument against Coast to Coast AM and its all in inclusive whack job-ery. In many cases it reports¬†incidents without stating them as absolute facts. I can not recommend this book enough if you have any interest in the stranger corners of the world.

I’ve had two copies of the second edition over the years. I just bought this version for my Kindle. I’d like to see someone try to steal this one!



  1. Very interesting, I have always been interested in the ancient alien theory after watching the Ancient Alien TV series. I do believe E.Ts have visited this planet before and this is where most religions originated from.

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