Life Recently

Let’s see.
SMAGcast debuted Monday. Response has been. . . tepid? No big shock when you’re just starting out. I think it was a bit unfocused and we’ll work on that a little before the next one. We also had some audio issues but I think I know how to fix that and I’ll get that going next time as well. I was interviewed recently on the quackcast (see earlier post) and that went well. We had a real ball talking and we actually got enough material that I’m going to be on twice! How cool is that?!

The vlogging thing has cooled off for me a good bit. I’m repeating myself a lot and I just don’t have the facilities to do all the sketch stuff I want to do. I’m dropping my personal vlog down to once a week and doing Vloguum on Wednesdays, but my passion for those two projects is all ready dangerously low. It doesn’t help that my videos aren’t terribly popular and I don’t have much of a way to up the interest factor.

A very interesting development has happened with the comics. I thought I’d do a little experimenting with my process. I’m still drawing in SAI and I’m still coloring the backgrounds in photoshop so I can do all my cool effects and such, but I decided to try something with the character colors. I brought the file into Illustrator early and did all the colors on a layer beneath the line art. Two things happened. First, the color work is sharper and looks more animated. Second, I cut a full HOUR out of my render time! Took me two hours to color it as opposed to the usual four. Needless to say, I’m excited about this and I’m looking forward to seeing how this works further.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Possibly more to talk about on Friday. See ya then!


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