General Thoughts.

Somewhere down the way, we lost our minds. When Kim Kardashian’s outfits while pregnant trump everything else in the news then there’s a problem. The culture of fame has to fall. The creatives, the teachers, the scientists, the charitable? THEY need to be lifted up. Not people famous for being famous. – Kevin Hayman

I posted this today on Facebook after a run in with morning television. Attacks on women continue, war looms on the horizon in one form or another with North Korea, and our youth are debt slaves for degrees they can’t use and all anyone seems to care about is what wacky stunt Justin Beiber will pull next. Something’s wrong and no one seems to want it to change. We’ve been conditioned to ignore the human condition. We’re slaves to media. We’re all being dumbed down so we won’t notice when the shit goes down.
Something’s got to change. . .


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