Character Hate

The most disturbing thing to me as a writer and creator of stories is the hate some people experience toward a character. Case in point:

Back when I was doing Kota’s World I had this character that Keith was involved with named Destiny. She had to leave for a while for various reasons. During that time I had a bit of inspiration for a new female lead. Cassi. Cassi was everything Destiny wasn’t. She was open, friendly, goofy as hell, a nerd, and interested in Keith because she liked him for who he was. Destiny had designs on what Keith could become and the prestige that came with that. Cassi was there because she cared.

And someone hated her.

One of my readers really liked Destiny. He liked all my villains and he seemed to have gotten offended by Cassi moving in on Destiny’s turf. He made a post in the comments on Drunk Duck that told exactly what he wanted to happen to Cassi. It was all violent and all of it involved her dying the most gruesome ways imaginable. I had to step in and tell him he was going way too far. He apologized and has quietly disappeared.

I’ve always wondered about that mindset. I read comics and books and when there’s a character I don’t like, well, it’s not my story. Is it? I just read and see where they’re going. Maybe there’s a bigger plan. Maybe that character servers a purpose later. Maybe it’s like why I created Cassi.

I had gotten extremely fed up with Kota’s World on some level and probably would have gone ahead and ended it with what I had originally written. It was gonna be depressing and Keith was going to die. The end. Then, Cassi popped into my head almost fully formed. I designed her to be¬†eclectic and slightly mad. She breathed new life in the series and EVERYONE noticed. Suddenly things started to work and the ending changed completely. Cassi didn’t just save Keith. She saved Kota’s World.

And this guy hated her.

Maybe I’m hanging on to it out of bitterness, but I like to remember the entire incident to remind myself that not everyone is going to like my work.


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