I realized that today that all my webcomics have an underlying theme that I put in there subconsciously. A self imposed denial of happiness.  They build walls around themselves in one form or another to make sure that nothing can get in and make them feel joy. In Terry’s case, he’s constructed this wall of rules and regulations and ideals. He can’t let Delores in despite anything he may be feeling. Those walls are also built into his foundation and he’s terrified that if he tears them down it will destroy him. And the worst part is that he can’t let her go.

Keith is closer to me. Keith is afraid that anything he does will destroy his friendship with Cassi. He lives in constant fear that he’d do something, anything, to drive all of his friends away and they’re always one step away from abandoning him. Because of this he keeps a certain distance between himself and them. I know I’ve been guilty of this. I’m STILL guilty of this.

The great thing about stories though is that you can fix peoples problems through the telling of the tale. . .


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