Friday and Beyond the Infinite.

I swear, I think the guy down the hall from us has Tourette syndrome or something. He just shot down the hall making gibberish noises and barking. I wasn’t even going to mention that, but DANG someone has to know.

So we have a name for our new Youtube channel. The Vloguum. Think vacuum but vlogging. I need to make a logo this weekend for us. Something to do with space I think. I’ll post info about it here when it goes up and will post the logo on my portfolio site. 🙂

I’ve been having anxiety attacks all week. I don’t know what’s causing them, but I don’t like it. My life has been a living hell all week and my nerves won’t stop. Eating has been difficult and I can’t concentrate. Nothing seems to distract me for long. I’ll make an appointment to see Byron sometime next week. It may help.

I did a lot of art yestereday. I got today’s EA colored during a Livestream and I was so happy to see Toughy in the chat for it! He’s been reading my stuff for ages and he’s a fellow Goon. After that I started inking pages for the Delores origin story. My dearest Kathryn did the pencils for it and I’m going to do the inking and colors. It’s some very beautiful stuff for a very different sort of flashback story. I’ll be doing the wrap around work for it though so my stuff will make her stuff look better. 🙂

So yeah. This weekend is going to involve a lot more art. I need to get a comic done and get the logo for Vloguum done before Monday so we can use it. We’ll see how that went on Monday.


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