And where have you been, young man?

So I haven’t really updated here much this week, but I have reasons. First, we’re setting up a new youtube channel that I’ll be contributing to once a week. Second, I haven’t been feeling well. Third, I had a comic to work on yesterday. Lastly, I’ve been doing art to get ready for Free Comic Book Day in May. I know that’s a ways off, but if I don’t at least get started I’ll never get it done.

Then there’s podcasting. I recently got a new mic since I’m actually doing a regular podcast every week with JT Shea and it’s starting to pick up steam. The mic is by Blue and it’s a Snowball. It’s friggin’ awesome. I don’t have to do any special crap with it to get it to pick up like I used to. Before this I was using a usb Rock Band mic and it sounded terrible on most programs. The Snowball on the other hand, well, I have to work at it to make it sound bad.

There is, of course, my usual battle with depression. It’s not something that ever ends. It’s not like you finally beat the thing. It’s something you fight off for a little while until it marshal’s it’s forces and comes at you again. It had me on the ropes there for a bit, but I’m functional again. For the most part.

Other than that, things seem to be going well. My art seems to have improved and my output has increased a bit.


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