Weather or Not

Yeah. See what I did there? Play on words.
I’ve had a terrible relationship with weather for many years now. The atmosphere and my sinuses don’t seem to get along at all. If a storm comes through I can guarantee you that I’m going to have a headache. Like this morning, for instance. I woke up feeling like my head was going to split in two and my nose has been running. I’ve taken some daytime sinus/cold relief stuff but it’s a temporary fix, really.

Then there’s my yard. I live in a section of town known as Choctaw Village and as near as I can tell it was a swamp before they built all the tract housing in the mid-fifties. Every time it rains my yard hears the call of the wild and reverts to it’s natural state. I look out my bedroom window on days like today and I expect Kermit the Frog to float by on a log with his banjo. Don’t even get me started on the flotsam and jetsam that turn up in my yard after one of these downpours.

If I can ever manage it, I’m moving to a semi-dry climate and I’m building a house on top of a friggin’ hill.


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