Art IS Therapy

I’ve never understood how someone can call it “art therapy” when art itself is therapy. Nothing cleanses the mind and soul quite like channelling everything into an effort of creation. Sometimes it’s carries the same feeling as your emotions. Sometimes it’s the opposite, but it still clears out the attic.

Yesterday I was in a very bad place. I’d worked on a funny comic, but I still felt terrible. I decided the only other thing to do was to keep working on art. That was the ticket. I still had crap piled up inside my head and that second comic got it all out. It also helped that the comic has Terry being a total bad ass.

Sometimes I forget these things. I do comics for the wrong reasons like money or popularity and I forget the whole reason I started doing them was because a friend tried to kill himself and art was the only thing I could do to keep me sane. 13 years later and I’m relearning that.


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