Exciting and New

Nope. Not the Love Boat. This past weekend my new site on ODK went up and it’s all ready for readers of my webcomic. It got me to thinking though about how excited we get about new things. I’m terribly excited right now about the new site in the same way I was about this blog. In the same way I was about my youtube channel. Or a new MST3k boxed set. Or anything new in our lives. It makes me wonder at what point does all of it change from the new hotness to “just stuff”.

The real thing I realized is that the “new” feeling is what drives needless consumerism often. I have a camera, a camcorder, a flatscreen, computer, lapton, and ereader. I am doing quite well by societies standards. The problem is seeing something new and wanting that feeling instead of making do with what you have. It sickens me and I do it. I waste my money on crap that I don’t truly need and then wonder where it went.

From here on it, I make do.


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