Hope Ya Like Zombies. . .

I don’t like zombies. I’ve never been a fan. It’s not that I’m frightened of them, I just don’t see the appeal of a monster that shambles around until it finds something that doesn’t smell like a public rest room and then eats it. I’ve watched zombie movies and tried watching “The Walking Dead”, but I’m sorry I’m just not into them.

I don’t want anyone to think this is going to be a rant about how no one should watch Walkind Dead or be a fan of George Romero. If you’re into the stuff, great. I’m glad you’ve got something you can enjoy that much. Also,¬†kudos for watching some genre stuff! It can use the support! No, the problem isn’t that people like zombies. It’s how much zombie there is right now.

I was changing channels the other day trying to find something to watch and I passed no less than three shows about zombies. One was Walking Dead, the other two were a science of zombies show and a how to survive the zombie apocalypse show. Also during my journey through the television waste land I came across a commercial for “Warm Bodies”, a zombie rom/com, and a talking head telling me about all the problems with “World War Z” the new zombie apocalypse movie starring Brad Pitt.

Let me let that sink in. In the span of about ten minutes I’d been pelted with zombies five times on five different channels. Does that seem a little over saturated to you? It does to me. And it happens several times a week. Maybe I’m looking for patterns here, or maybe there are too many zombies out there.

Remember when we were being shotgunned in the face with space epics? No? That’s because it didn’t happen. Anyone want to do a thought provoking, yet action filled space opera and pitch it to AMC for me? I’ll be your best friend.


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