Why The Big Bang Theory is the Worst Thing to Happen to Geeks

For a long time I thought I was the only one on the planet that didn’t like “Big Bang Theory”. In recent weeks I’ve learned I am not alone. There’s a whole group of people that feel the way I do about it. It’s nerd-sploitaiont.

I should explain that I’m not really going after the series without giving it a fair shake. Some of my friends from my last job told me jokes from it and it sounded pretty funny. In hindsight, I realize that Greg was performing the stuff better than the show was. Since the series comes on three or four networks around here in syndication I thought I’d give it a shot. I watched episodes from different seasons and watched the complete episode each time. I didn’t like it. Not one little bit.

A friend has said that I don’t like it because I’m too much like Sheldon. I was rather offended by this. Last I checked I had other interests. I had friends and we get along well. Sheldon is a stereotype. Moss on IT Crowd is too, but there’s a difference. While Moss and Roy are likable and do try to engage in normal activities from time to time (especially Roy), Big Bang Theory is full of annoying stereotypes that, frankly, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a room with.
I’m not saying there aren’t folk out there like them, but they’re still stereotypes.

Imagine for just a moment that a similar series came out about homosexuals and was called “Fag’s Place!” and had the most stereotypical, limp wristed, and feminine men and the most butch, flannel wearing women in the world and it skyrocketed to the top of the ratings. Gay and lesbian groups would have a fit. They’d point out that this was painting in broad strokes and was offensive.
It’s the same damned thing. Just like Amos and Andy and its stereotypical portrail of African Americans.

The difference is that geeks are not a race or oppressed social group. Geek spreads across race, and creed, and culture. It’s part of everyone. Everyone is a geek about something. Maybe it’s knitting, or sports, or music, or The Weather Channel, or religion. It’s a part of who we are as a species that we find things we love and we obsess over them. This show is holding up an unfair picture of humanity and saying “Just look how fucking stupid you all are. Only we in Hollywood understand that.”

The show’s single biggest sin though is how it’s helping with the tribalism going on these days. “Geeks HAVE to be a separate group because look at them! They like Star Wars, for Christ’s sake!” There’s far too much “Us vs. Them” mentality going on in the world all ready. Can’t we put all that aside and accept that we’re all geeks and we don’t need a show like that to point and laugh at us?



  1. So you’re saying that you don’t like the show because it’s poorly stereotyped and that as a card caring geek you feel this is a poor representation of geeks and that we as geeks should be offended?
    Perhaps we can sponsor a law to make nerds / geeks a protected class.


    I would have maybe started with how the show’s really not about geeks and is really about a group of socially awkward friends trying to get laid. The fact that they are scientists and geeks is almost incidental.

      • I look at the shirts, locations, etc. as all the unimportant stuff to the script. Yes there are some geeky items that are important to tell us the viewer what the character finds important.

        BUT… There is no item on that show that couldn’t be replaced.
        If you took the script from almost any episode and put it on the set of friends and replaced the comic book store with a coffee shop this show is the show friends.. or cheers.. or 2 and 1/2 men.. or threes company..

        If anything a good reason to not like the show is that it’s not very original and often pretty formulaic.

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