There’s a lot of talk about dreams right now in my little corner of the internet. Maybe it’s the collective subconscious, or synchronicity, or coincidence, but the night before last I had my second lucid dream.

The first one was a dream where I was trying to rescue Alice from “Alice in Wonderland”. I started shrinking like Alice had and suddenly I realized it was a dream so I grew back to normal size and started flying along a dirt road to where she was. I woke up soon after.

Last nights was truly odd though. I remember before I realized it was a dream that I was running down a hallway in a hotel with two random people. One of them turned around and it was a friend from high school who I hadn’t seen in ages. That was the trigger. I knew I hadn’t seen him and probably never would again. Then the dream changed. Everything focused. I was aware of the surroundings. I turned around and the second person with me turned out to be Max. Once I knew what was going on I told them to “Watch this!”
I turned to a door in the hallway and opened it. Inside was a movie theater. It was the only indoor place I could think of that would be big enough. I ran to the front by the screen. My two friends were asking what was going on. I reached the screen, threw my arms wide, and fire radiated in a sphere all around me, like a dome. The screen incinerated and there was a hole in the roof to the sky. I looked up and my friends were staring in confusion. My friend from high school, Mark, said “I think we’re actually here!” and then I woke up.

If I could figure out how to do this on purpose, I think I’d enjoy sleep a lot more than I currently do.


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