Malware and Toolbars and Viruses, Oh My!

I’m taking a look at someone’s computer right now. It’s not something I do normally an it’s definitely not something I enjoy, but I’m doing it. So far, I’ve found two different virus/toolbars in Internet Explorer. They won’t let me remove them so I’m currently running Spybot and then the antivirus of choice. If that doesn’t work I’m disabling Norton and getting Window’s Security Essentials. It works on my system at home and I’m willing to wager it works on this one. I’ve never understood how this happens. Well, other than this person using IE. I’m going to have to install adblock on there as well. They said “these Windows alerts kept popping up and I installed them”.

This just makes me aggravated at the web in general. These people are simply malicious and there’s no point to it.


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