Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays

I had an appointment to see my therapist today. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get out of jury duty this morning so I’ll see him next Thursday. That’s good, because I’m remembering all the reasons I want to see him now.

I’m surprisingly nervous about this livestream tonight. I’ve done this dozens of times but for some reason TONIGHT is the one I’m worried about. I doubt I’ll have more than one person drop in so it’s not that big a deal. Also, I’m really just recording it so I can use the raw footage to make a how to video.

One thing I’ve noticed is just how vocal I’ve become online. I’ve also noticed the small audience I have. Here, on wordpress, I’ve got a few followers. Youtube, I get maybe three views per blog. I really need to start randomly recording when we go out on weekends. Just a slice of what it’s like in my life. I suppose the big deal is that there are so many people yelling for attention that you can’t always get people to look your way. Also, it’s still very early in my vlog/blog life. I need to be patient and that’s not always easy.

I watched the last episode of X-Play today. I’ve been watching it since G4’s launch, but not much recently. Now the channel is switching formats and X-Play just isn’t part of their new image. Neither is Attack of the Show. They’re both getting canned and who knows what’s going to replace them. I honestly think the Nerdist Channel on Youtube is more of what they were trying to do with G4 than G4 was. It’s hard to do a television show/channel about something as amorphous and fickle as the internet.

I’ve also been concerned about my health lately. Nothing specific, just in general. I’ve never taken very good care of myself and trying to make myself exercise is like trying to get me to. . .
I can’t think of anything I avoid as much as exercise. I don’t know if it’s laziness of a general fear of hurting my back again while failing at some stupid move in an exercise routine. The only time I’ve ever been thin was during the stressful time I was a manager at Roses. I wasn’t eating and my weight dropped by 30 pounds. I looked good. Then I got a job I could handle and the weight came back.

That’s about all I can think of to say this time around. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to amusing and thoughtful articles about things, but right now I just needed to vent.


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