Weekend Update and Vlogging

The drama surrounding my camcorder continues. The camera is a Canon Mini DV. It’s in HDV and the picture quality is fantastic. It’s probably the best you could ever get out of something that uses tapes. There’s a problem though. There isn’t a lot of software around that supports that style of camera. My install of Premiere CS6 won’t import footage off of it. CS4 will but I’ve yet to find a setting that will use the right aspect ratio. Windows Live Movie Maker will only import from the beginning of the tape, and the new editing software I got, Lightworks, doesn’t support the HDV format. What does that mean? It means I have a paperweight at the moment. I’ve looked around but Canon’s import software is expensive and sold separately. This is very very aggravating. This whole thing would be moot if I Apple hadn’t gotten rid of the firewire port on the macbook. Probably the only time I’ve wished I had my old mac. Curse you Apple. Curse you.

Then there’s the desktop capturing situation. I’ve downloaded camstudio a couple of times now and it won’t record. The help files say to install the codec for the software, but that won’t install. There’s another bit of software I installed, but it only records games. I checked the support forums and they have no intention of setting it up to record the desktop/other programs. This leaves me with livestream and it’s locally stored files.

I guess what I’m saying is, it looks like I’m going to be working on the mac for regular vlogs and livestream for the other stuff because there’s no way I can afford a digital camcorder.


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