Sources of Worry.

So I got an email this morning now that I got the trouble out of my head. My deferment is up for review. Now I’ll spend the next 3 to 5 days worrying about if it’s been ok’d or not. After that I have to go through the same thing with my Sallie Mae loans.

There are days where I regret going to Antonelli. I love the things I’ve learned and I met some fantastic people, but the job in graphic design never materialized (nor have any others), my degree doesn’t seem to matter since everyone wants a bachelor’s degree, and now there’s the student loan situation. I have no way I can afford them right now and the idea of going back to school for a higher degree makes me sick to think about.

Here’s the deal though. The Art Institute has started giving online degrees. THE FRIGGIN’ ART INSTITUTE. They have classes in animation. They have well, it’s the Art Institute.  What don’t they have? I’m severely tempted. If things continue as they are I may do it. I’m excited and frustrated all at once.

Anyway, life continues. I’m getting back into the swing of things with the comic and should have the Friday update done in time this week. We’re recording Thursday night and will have our first guest. I’ll put a link up when it goes live. That should be fun. Gonna record a vlog at lunch.

Other than all that I’m doing great, thanks for asking. 🙂


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