Subscribers? What’re those?

It’s not easy to get attention these days online. Back when I first got on the net it was just starting to take off. The dot com bubble hadn’t even burst at that point. Timmy Big Hands was still a site. Chat rooms were the hotness. My dinky little webcomic Kota’s World found an audience pretty quickly and kept it. About 1000 readers is pretty good for a no name site on the web. The problem came when it ended and I started new projects.

The web’s changed a lot. It was always kinda social but what it’s become is amazing. So amazing that I still don’t quite understand it. I’m still working on coming to terms with all the tumbling and tweeting, and the bookfacing, and what not. Then there’s youtube. Youtube is so similar to a group of children in a daycare screaming for attention. There’ just aren’t enough adults to go around to pay attention to every single kid. But then, we do it any way, don’t we?

Me? I’m starting to vlog more now that I have time. I’ll be doing one today at lunch. I also posted a video last night if you look back through my posts here on Bloggity. I just want people to understand just what goes into making a comic. It’s not easy, it’s not always fun, but it’s always fascinating. Whether it’s the writing or the drawing.

The big problem though, getting back on topic, is getting followers. I try my best to spread the word about my videos and my blog and my videos but most of the time it seems like the more noise you make about it the fewer people come to look. I’ve never really understood that. When people do take the time to look they usually like my stuff so it’s a very odd set up. Have any of you folks ever had that happen?

Well, all that being said, I’m still going to try and stick to my resolution and try to not care if anyone’s watching or reading. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying though.


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