The Last Few Days in Review

So it’s been not a bad week, really. I tried to get an extension on my deferment but the fedloan site was unresponsive so I’ll try that again next week. Mike and I ended up at Best Buy last night and we also looked into getting more ram for the work computers.

Today I got a comic done and mucked about on the Minecraft server. We’re in the process of converting our island into one large village. The keep is coming along and I’ll be building the garrison in it.

I feel odd. I almost feel down, but not quite. I also feel like I could be in a decent mood. I’m balanced and unfortunately that means a good push in either direction could  send me over a side. I don’t WANT to go either direction. I want to be balanced. It’s a good feeling to be kinda normal for once.

I did a small bit of rearranging in my room. I turned my art desk to face my bookcase and television so I can work at it and not feel isolated. Just facing the wall felt really odd. I always felt that I’d done something wrong like in elementary school when I sat at it but now I feel like I can work from here. I’m a part of my room and part of the world and I’m good with that.

Work’s not bad. Was a little late getting out of there yesterday due to the criminally low memory on the network printer. Forty minutes to print four copies of an image. Crimeny. On the way home I got stuck in traffic due to a wreck. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I weren’t in my car. The thing smokes due to an oil leak and it idles badly and wants to die after a short time. I keep having to kick it into neutral if I’m stuck like that. My dad’s truck would have been better.

Is it weird that this is the first time in ages that my house has felt like home? Probably. It maybe because it’s winter. The cold always makes me grateful for a home. I need to remember that more often. . .


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