Holiday After Action Report

Well, New Year’s was fun. Got to hang out over at Paul and Jia’s and saw Paul’s son Josh. Very quiet celebrations if they could be called that. Yesterday Kit and I rounded the visit off with a trip to Mr. Chen’s for some chow fun and then watched a documentary before Kit had to go home. We both always manage to forget something when we visit each other. This time it was her phone charger. I’m mailing it back today because she needs it. Bad.

I wish I hadn’t been depressed the last few days. It started with a nightmare that I was trying to get someone to fix a hotel that was falling apart and flooding. None of the other people there would do anything and for some reason if fell to me. I went to go to the bathroom and the entire thing was full of black widows of many, many sizes. One bit me on the back of the knee. Mike was trying to drive me to the hospital but kept getting distracted. Got there and no one wanted to do anything about the bite and I could feel myself dying the whole while. Had a similar dream years ago about a cobra biting me in the heal.

Yesterday I woke up paranoid. I just KNEW Kit was going to dump me in the back of my mind. I have no idea why and I had to provocation for those thoughts but they were there unbidden. Naturally, nothing of the sort happened. We even talked about the dream some.

I think all this is from a combination of things. Holidays, as usual, get me to feeling down. My lack of progress in my career as a designer and illustrator. Lastly, student loans are looming again. I try not to think about that too much but I’m going to have to try and get another deferment and I’m worried about what will happen with that.

So yeah. Other than that, life is keen. 🙂


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