Sunday and Hobbits

Today Kit and I went to go see The Hobbit today and ran into Preston, Erin, Scott, and Aimee at the theater. We had a good time and I STILL enjoy the film. Kit liked it. Afterwards we ate some sushi and stuff from Fresh Market and now we’re listening to podcasts and relaxing.

First, some thoughts on The Hobbit. I understand that the beginning of the film is slow, but I do enjoy the character development. I think the best thing about the film is that even with additions is manages the hit all the main points from the book. For once, and I mean once, I was really glad they had the songs in there.

In other news. . .

I’ve been down. Not flat out depressed lately but today it jumped on me. I don’t want anything or to do anything. I’m trying to fight it though. My Kathryn’s here and I don’t want to be down. It’s hard sometimes though. I just want to be alone, but it’s not something I need to be.

Ok. Enough for now. More tomorrow.


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