Thursday and Back to It.

So it was a nice holiday, but now it’s back to work in many ways. Yesterday things were slow here at the office but today things should pick up. I also started back on comics. Last night I finished Monday’s Errant Apprentice and it was a good one. I think the art turned out well, the characterization was good, and the joke was amusing if not as funny as some. I’m working on this one having punchlines since the next issue will be serious. Very serious. Well, ok, not THAT serious. Serious enough that I need to get the jokes out of my system in EA so it doesn’t muck up the feeling. Tonight I work on Mailbox Rocketship. Getting to do a page with Lewis and Nate/Bear. They’re a fun duo.

This weekend Kit is coming to visit. Hopefully. It snowed up there and driving conditions are difficult. Not sure what it’s going to be like right yet for tomorrow night, but hopefully she can make it down. I haven’t seen her in a while and I miss her.

Got a new graphics card but due to the working on comics for next week and possible girlfriend visit I don’t know how much time I’ll have for Skyrim and Dragon Age. It’s a funny thing about that graphics card. I’ve had Skyrim since Christmas last year, but it ran choppy on my old card. Playing required forethought. I want to hit a monster or bandit? Ok, Swing well before they reach me. Same with bows. Lead them by a lot. Now the game is running in real time and it’s like a completely different experience. I’m having to relearn how to play the game. It’s the difference between Myst and Doom I suppose.

Not that I dislike Myst, but that’s another blog entry all together. . .


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