The Morning After

So, I’m at work and it’s the day after Christmas. Mississippi got an interesting present. Flash Floods and Tornados. I wasn’t effected by the tornados, but MAN did my yard flood! A couple of years ago I bought these high water sort of boots for a costume, but I’ve used them during bad rains since then. Well yesterday the water in my yard was passed my ankles. Mike had to get out to his jeep by tying trash bags around his feet and up his legs. Don’t knock it, it worked.

On the plus side, we got invited out to my friend’s folks house for lunch on Christmas day and a merry time was had by all. Many jokes were made and I have been accused of being in love with Kurt Loder. Eh. Could be worse. At least he can write.

The day after Christmas and NOW it gets cold. Not gonna get out of the 40’s and tonight it’ll be in the 20’s. Could be worse. It could be torrential rains and tornados.

My girlfriend is sort of snowed in right now up in Arkansas. She’s waiting to see if she hears anything from work. I like snow, but when it snows here the whole city shuts down almost. People in Jackson don’t know how to operate in winter weather. Or wet weather. Or ANY weather for that matter. I don’t know what it is about this place but we have some of the rudest drivers around here. One guy slung rocks into my windshield this morning on purpose. He cut me off and did this nice little fish tail thing and put a new ding in the trucks windshield. I’m eventually going to have to replace it thanks to jerks like him.

This is a cold morning and it’s a morning for wrapping up in a blanket and watching TV and then falling asleep. Yes, guys like to do that too sometimes. Gender definitions be damned.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Leave a comment and let me know how things went and what you did!


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