The Apocalypse? Well, kinda.

So. Here it is. The day prophesied to be the end of a cycle and honestly I feel pretty good today. So what was this apocalypse thing about? Maybe it’s not the end of the world but the end of an age. Maybe this is just a brand new beginning if we can reach out and take it.

Yesterday was bad. I had a sleepless night the night before and felt bad all day. Last night I slept and this morning I feel great. It’s cold, the sun is shining, and I feel like I could conquer the world today. Maybe THAT’S what “the end” means. Maybe it means that something’s woken up inside me and everyone else. Maybe this is our Age. Maybe we WILL conquer the world.

Or maybe I’m just in a really good mood and I’ll have a sandwich for lunch. 🙂


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