Tuesday: The Quickening.

I dunno. YOU try coming up with a title for blog posts all the time!
So, we’re a week from Christmas and I’ve begun my Christmas movie extravaganza. I watched Scrooged this morning. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s got to be my favorite Christmas movie. Later in the week, rewatching the MST3k Santa movies and A Wish for Wings that Work. Maybe it’s not Berkley Breathed’s best work, but it’s a tradition for me.

Funny thing. I went out to Kroger not long ago to grab some Milk and I’ll be darned if I didn’t actually feel jolly! Maybe it was the Salvation Army lady singing christmas songs off key or maybe it was the music inside with all the people smiling and nodding to each other. It felt like Christmas for the first time this year and I feel good about it. I just wish it weren’t nearly 70 degrees right now.

Well, that being said I think it’s time to heat up a microwavable stuff crust pizza and pretend I’m not diabetic for a little while. If you’ll excuse me. . .


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